I was a fadnatic to the T.

I’ve tried other peoples “solutions” for my weight, attitude, outlook, physical and mental health.


“as soon as i stopped eating,drinking,doing this: ______(enter newest fad) my life changed for the better or the my life has never been the same.

Wanting the quick fix or that one magical ingredient of knowledge was so enticing and surrounds us every day that the obsession in itself became very addicting. It never fixed the issue it almost fed my negative unwanted behaviors I was trying to change because none of that crap was working so I binged every bad habit.

I’ve decided to create this blog in hopes to be able to relate to others like me. If I stray and start sounding like a quick fix guru please enlighten me because that is NOT what the goal for this blog was intended to do.

I still struggle daily. HOWEVER, I did find that sliver lining of hope that has saved my life, forge friendships, heal myself and others. Most importantly this understanding of myself and others has brought me down off that theoretical ledge my life was teeter tottering on.

Im an avid Meyers Briggs advocate(INTP WOMAN HERE) and after understanding who I am in relation to others it has light switched my life.

Ive been able to have more strength in who I am regardless of other opinions and my creativity has skyrocketed (in my way not others expectations of what creative is)

I say no to Psychiatrists “fixing me” with meds. Its been a truly weight off my shoulders.

If my experiences, my story, my new found path, or just the risk of my vulnerability on the internet relates and helps just one person IT IS….


welcome and I hope you enjoy 🤗


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