The More I Avoid … #workdrama

The patterns have become so consistent in which the more I try to avoid billing out that one client, avoid that one confrontation, or beg my coworker to please handle that one thing I’m desperately wanting to avoid the more it is an assurance that I will be forced to do it due to circumstance.

If that’s not making sense lets try it this way: The more I focus on how to get away from the uncomfortable problem I want to ignore, the less focus I have on reality when all signs are showing that peeps are busy and you are going to be the only one available. So instead of focusing and problem solving on how to get away the real energy saver is in focusing on the solution.

If that doesn’t make sense I’ll go ahead and get one of my other #tribememories personalities to explain to me what is being interpreted cause I’m an INTP woman and I’m very unique meaning very weird to others hahaha. So if their is interest of a different interpretation please comment

Happy Friday ya’ll

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