Manic Mondays


Whether you stay positive or negative in this world life will still throw that stick in front of you while you roller blade by.

My recent experience with personal growth has taught me that the events are still going to happen with a negative or positive outlook.

I may have heard what I wanted to hear and thought that having a positive outlook on life would create a more positive life but that is SOOO NOT the case!

My job does not fulfill my brains driver or flow state and my anxiety still creeps and hits hard even with recent personal growth breakthroughs.

I work at a very busy, niche filled, veterinary hospital and in the case of the Monday’s it has triggered my anxiety ten fold and even though I known I’ve grown by recognizing the triggers in the environment it can still haunt me.

I took my 10 minute break and broke down that time with soaking in the sun for some vitamin d, drank water, did large and many deep breaths, and even more deep breaths once I found my daughters vicks vapor rub in my car, lol, and still all these resources are just barely going to get me by til my lunch.

I am still refusing the medication the psychiatrist prescribed to me. Not only for the fact that it was a horrible interaction, which felt like she was just trying to get the answers to solve a problem and not care about me at all, but also that I know I’m not broken and I don’t need medication to make me “normal”.

I’m here for a purpose! I have a crazy cool brain that had a mind shifting talent.

I’m here because the world needs my blunt attitude, I’m here to progress our world, and I need others just as much as they need me.

I don’t need fixing I just need practice.

Support and shout out to Antonia and Joel @ personality hacker. These peeps are #life and #gamechangers. I owe them a debt of gratitude.

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