Call on me!

No matter how many strides I’ve made personally there will still be those who will have the direct line to my trigger hotline.

Being an INTP Female I’m very aware that if I don’t catch my anger in time i can make someone feel like their face got slammed in a bear trap. The aftermath can damage souls like a wildfire in dry brush.

I am a powerful force positive or negative.

Intp women are rare and with that delicious feeling of “rarity” there are obstacles and personality traits that I either accept its challenge or destroy everyone in my war path by blaming others for my uniqueness.

Yes, it’s everyone’s personal responsibility to be in charge of themselves but nature,nurture, and current environmental factors can change the rules of the game and sometimes people lack the support, love, and a healthy outlet in order to cope with those triggers. So lack of awareness on the other person (i.e. mood, respect, responsiblity) can equal a lack of my personal responsibility when I’m not 100% on my game.

End results can go from calm to turbulent in zero to 60seconds because no one will ever be 100% on that responsible game.

I guess my point of this rant is to say be mindful of your own attitude in this world cause the lack of happiness with yourself will seep like a toxin to everyone around you.

You can call on me but don’t stiffle me.

Note:  Especially if your in a leadership/management type role you are where it starts. So if the environment is hostile and sour be mindful that yur not creating those sour patch kids.

BooM.  😎🤜🤛😎🤙

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