Boys vs. Girls

When things hit close to home such as people you know or family members things get real really quick. Its insane how easy and ok it is for us to judge stories especially those of rape and murder scenarios shown on tv and documentaries.

To hear things from people that disgusts or makes me feel icky is so disturbing. I have a daughter, the biggest chunk of my anxiety is figuring out ways for her to protect and respect herself. To hear coworkers and friends tall about how they are raising there boys then feeding off each other then turning it into a joke shocked, hurt and is almost sickening to me. I now have to double down on everything i need to teach and instill in her because of the non actions of others.

I don’t want to look down or judge them but that was straight disrespect to me knowing i have a daughter to raise.

I want to cry with how hurt and now even more terrified I am.

These are women who have been hurt themselves raising boys to think about nothing but the “wrap it up” concept. What about Respect? Love? Honor?

I’m so sick about this. I honestly can’t go further at this time in fear my anger will trigger a non conducive blog and go into an immature rant and rave. So take from this what you will and I will prepare myself with more composure when I’m ready to continue on this topic.

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