Welcome to my life.

I reached a point where I was going to kick ass in this world or the world was gunna bury mine. I have had more confidence and growth in the last 6mo than ever in my life. Without trying I’ve also made some huge impacts on people who were just my coworkers but now they are my closest friends. Im so thankful for #personalityhacker and their work and I’m so thankful to have found a tribe I never meant to have.

My initial intention was negative and self serving. Wanting nothing more than to have people you also wanted to stick it to the man while still having only each other’s backs. That negative outlook turned into something so beautifully positive.

I never related to the ‘think positive,be positive’ cliche’s because i read waiting for something better, broader, mind nourishing knowledge and understanding.

You must be your true self in order for others to be theirs. We all need each other and I’m so grateful I found a light at the end of the tunnel before jumping off that theoretical and literal cliff.

I must give credit to #personalityhacker, Joel and Antonia, for breaking away from what’s considered the norm and sacrificing everything in order to help others. Much love you two, the ping pong of your intuitive and minds is so refreshing.

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